An exciting new method to induce pluripotent stem cells..NOT!

Fierce competition can sometimes promote sloppy, and even fabricated results. Such is the case in the field of stem cells, which has just been associated with the retraction of two "hot" papers in Nature.
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Dr. Randy Goldsmith: Building Bridges from Academia to Industry

"I am building biotech companies in the same way that I build homes, starting with a strong foundation and from the bottom up." This is how Dr. Goldsmith described his process of working with entrepreneurs on a daily bases. Which, stems from his early experiences as a member of...
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Who Is Training Our Future Biomedical Scientists?

Walking the grounds at the UT Health Science Center this summer are 63 high school students from school districts across San Antonio and the surrounding area from the Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy. The three year Voelcker Academy, now in its' 6th year and funded by the Max...
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