Hema Manogna Gudlavalleti: Meeting Alzheimer’s Patients Helps Me Become a Better Researcher

Neuroscience researcher Hema Manogna Gudlavalleti is passionate about working on neurodegenerative research. After college, she found a job in Los Angeles for a start-up pharmaceutical company where she was working on Alzheimer’s disease research. “The company invited Alzheimer’s...
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Tenure Track Positions: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science Available at Whittier College

Assistant Professor of Biology Whittier College is seeking a broadly-trained Biologist with expertise in genetics to fill a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor beginning September 1, 2020.  Successful candidates should demonstrate a strong commitment to undergraduate...
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Raksha Parthasarathy: My first memory of science was the Science Express, a science museum on wheels

When Raksha Parthasarathy was in the 6th grade, her science teacher took her entire class to see the “Science Express,” a 16 coach train sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Each of the coaches has models, audio-visual displays and hands-on...
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