Call for applications Ann A. Hollocher Trainee Travel Award in Cancer Biology Translational Research

A generous donor has provided funds in honor of a long-time hill country resident to support the professional travel of meritorious trainees actively engaged in translational research in cancer biology. Applications are now solicited from UT Health San Antonio students and...
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Dr. Manjeet Rao was awarded a $2.1 million dollar grant from the National Cancer Institute to test a novel drug

Dr. Manjeet Rao was recently awarded a grant from National Cancer Institute ($2.1 million) to test the therapeutic efficacy of a novel drug that can inhibit the function of a protein that is highly expressed in cancers. Cancer cells use various mechanisms to manage their survival...
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Clare Murray: The South Texas Medical Scientist Training Program Let Me Choose Both Science and Medicine

Clare Murray grew up in Houston, Texas where her parents both worked in the oil/gas industry. “Nobody in my family was in medicine or science so I chose chemical engineering as my major in school. I really enjoyed my major, but I did a one day externship at Exxonmobil and that’s...
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