Cassidy Daw Receives Two Grants

Cassidy Daw, a student in the Molecular Immunology & Microbiology discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences program, has received two grants. She is in the lab of Dr. Madesh Muniswamy where she is working on applying basic discoveries about mitochondrial biology to...
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Do Masks Really Help Reduce The Spread of Coronavirus?

Wearing a mask in public has become a mandate in many cities and states across the U.S. And as many craft individuals flock to Etsy to fulfill this demand, others wonder the efficacy of donning a mask to prevent infection. Recently, a company called Smart Air performed an...
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Questions Amid COVID-19: FAQ’s Answered By A Microbiologist

With so much information going around about COVID-19, it’s often hard to parse out the facts from the noise. Based on what is currently known, here we will demystify and answer some frequently asked questions about coronavirus, its impacts on human health and what comes next....
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