UT institutions rise to No. 3 in world for most patents granted

University of Texas institutions are among the most innovative in the world. UT institutions collectively are ranked No. 3 in the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents for 2019, released today by the National Academy of Inventors and Intellectual Property...
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COVID-19 safety precautions on campus

 As our community begins to steadily reopen, UT Health clinical activities continue to serve more patients with in-person and video visit options. Our academic and research community is also returning to campus. In order to protect our UT Health community, we are taking the...
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Collective Healing Virtual Roundtable Planned For June 10

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students and Residents: Universities aspire to have, at their cores, a central compass that invariably points to qualities we admire: fairness, respect, inclusivity, civility and diversity. As citadels of learning, they aspire to have receptivity to new ideas...
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