Mark Shapiro

Dr. Mark Shapiro in the News: New therapy treatment could stop brain trauma seizures

Traumatic brain injuries contribute to nearly thirty percent of injury deaths in country, with some happening months after the initial injury, but a possible development right here in town that could save hundreds of thousands of lives. Watch the video from NEWS4SA where Dr. Mark...
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President Henrich: A stellar research report

The full FY19 3rd quarter institutional research data report is available. Some highlights include: that clinical trial revenue is up by 10%;  DOD and CPRIT awards are increased by 15% and 17%; the number of peer-reviewed NIH submissions grew by 14% across the institution, with a...
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Gray Foundation grant expands studies of BRCA in breast, ovarian cancer

Dr. Patrick Sung is the principal investigator of a $3.75 million, four-year “team science” grant announced by the Gray Foundation of New York. The goal is to further study how inactivation of BRCA1 or BRCA2, along with other anomalies, leads to breast, ovarian and other cancers....
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