Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Elaine Hardman graduated in 1993 with a Ph.D. in Cellular and Structural Biology. She is now a Professor Emeritus at Marshall University School of Medicine in Huntington, West Virginia.

Diversity in Science

Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff spoke to a handful of students and faculty at UT Health San Antonio on Oct. 9 about the cognitive processes that interfere with achieving diversity.

Cassidy Daw: Learning Immunology From Scratch

Cassidy Daw is a 2nd year Master's student in our Immunology and Infection program. She will be joining the Integrated Biomedical Studies Ph.D. program in Infection, Inflammation & Immunity this fall.

Mouthwash May Treat Oral Cancer

Cara Gonzales, D.D.S., Ph.D., is exploring the compound thymol as an anti-cancer agent.

Michael Guderyon: Being At The Forefront of Aging Research

From the flight line to the laboratory, this airman serves his country in fatigues and a lab coat.


Four Graduate Students Win Briscoe Library’s Image of Research Photography Competition

Four graduate students have won prizes in the Briscoe Library’s Image of Research competition. The awards are sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Academic Faculty, and Student Affairs. According to the website, “The Image of Research...
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Why Is It So Hard For Us To Achieve Diversity?

Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff spoke to a handful of students and faculty at UT Health San Antonio on Oct. 9 about the cognitive processes that interfere with achieving diversity. Dr. Villa-Komaroff is one of the founding members of SACNAS, the Society for Advancement of...
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Dr. Tim Raabe Joins UT Health San Antonio as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Tim Raabe will be joining the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at UT Health San Antonio as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. “I am eager and excited to take on the role of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in GSBS and I look forward to working with everyone to...
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UT Health San Antonio Hosted First Ever New Student Interprofessional Orientation

UT Health San Antonio hosted its first New Student Interprofessional Orientation on August 30 which brought together over 80 students from its five schools (School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, School of Health Professions and Graduate School of Biomedical...
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Amy Wu: Transition from Physical Therapy to Electrophysiology

Born and raised in Taiwan, Amy Wu trained as a physical therapist, but later found out that scientific research is her true passion. “In physical therapy, there was a lot of emphasis on making assessments on patients and coming up with a treatment plan, a lot of what and how, but...
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Meghan Monney: Winner of the Jonas Scholar Award

Nursing Science Ph.D. student Meghan Monney has been selected from a pool of nursing students throughout the United States to receive the prestigious Jonas Scholarship. According to the National League for Nursing website, the Jonas Scholarship promotes “evidence-based nursing...
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Francisca Acosta: A Chance Encounter Led Me To Biomedical Engineering

Francisca Acosta didn’t always know Biomedical Engineering was for her. “Up until I went to college, I thought I would go into medicine and be a doctor. I grew up not knowing what a Ph.D. was and I definitely didn’t know about biomedical engineering,” said Acosta who was born in...
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Meet Larry Broome, a researcher studying how normal cells can transform into cancer cells

“Curiosity is the most important aspect for a researcher, once you lose it it’s hard to keep going” said Larry Broome, a second-year student in the Cell Biology, Genetics, & Molecular Medicine discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program. Broome is from...
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GSBS: Spooky Halloween Social 2018

  No tricks, just treats! The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences hosted the annual Halloween Social event on Oct. 24 to brought out the fun and spooky spirit in the graduate students. The event consisted of costume contest where students dressed up as Dorothy from Wizard...
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F99/K00 Informational Webinar

NCI calls your attention to RFA-CA-19-002 The NCI Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00), which has just been published.  An Informational Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th from 1 – 3 pm EST, for institutional grant managers, heads of graduate...
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Briscoe Library’s Student Appreciation Week

Briscoe Library’s 2nd Annual Student Appreciation Week will be taking place October 29th through November 2nd! Head over to the library each day from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm to participate in fun activities and enjoy some food, prizes, and other giveaways. 1) Monday October 29:...
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Get ready for Spirit Week 2018!

At UT Health San Antonio, a team of faculty, staff, students and residents inspires each other, supports each other and creates new possibilities for the future. We’re dedicating a week to celebrate the accomplishments we have made to transform education, research and patient...
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Dr. Wargovich: Cancer Prevention Starts with Your Eating Habits

Aside from being a professor in molecular medicine and a senior researcher in cancer prevention, Dr. Michael Wargovich is also an entrepreneur for a startup company called CanSurvive Cuisine. Dr. Wargovich met his current business partner Chef Iverson Brownell through a mutual...
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Stressed-Out People May Have Smaller Brains, Study Says

Dr. Sudha Seshadri, a professor of neurology at UT Health San Antonio was quoted in the TIME​ magazine, “Stressed-Out People May Have Smaller Brains, Study Says.” The new study found that middle-aged adults with the highest levels of cortisol had lower brain volume...
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Dr. Paolo Casali awarded a T32 Training Grant

Dr. Paolo Casali, chairman of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics (MIMG), was awarded a T32 Training Grant for his Graduate Research in Immunity Program (GRIP) from the National Institutes of Health. The five-year grant began September 1, 2018, and...
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Mouthwash May Treat Oral Cancer

Mother Nature has a way of hiding cures for diseases in plants and minerals, awaiting human discovery. This may be the case with thymol, a compound found in several plants, including thyme, oregano, rosemary and bay leaves. “Thymol is already known to have anti-microbial,...
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Dr. Nourhan Abdelfattah first author paper published in Nature Communications!

Congratulations to alum Dr. Nourhan Abdelfattah whose first author paper “MiR-584-5p potentiates vincristine and radiation response by inducing spindle defects and DNA damage in medulloblastoma” has been published with Nature Communications! She is also co-author on...
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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. August Blackburn, owner of Blackburn Statistics, LLC

Dr. August Blackburn graduated from the Integrated Multidisciplinary Graduate Program (IMGP) at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (now called the Integrated Biomedical Sciences program) in 2013. He is now the owner of Blackburn Statistics, LLC. When did...
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GSBS Alumni Site offers Alumni and Students a Chance to Connect

Would you like to connect with GSBS alumni?  We have built a new website so you can Search for alumni by program and cohort Connect with alumni with similar interests Access the interactive map to find fellow GSBS grads around the world View jobs posted by alumni Find an alumni...
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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Amanda Muñoz Works as A Postdoc Fellow at UT Health San Antonio

Dr. Amanda Muñoz graduated in 2017 with a degree in Cellular and Structural Biology. She is now working in Dr. Alexei Tumanov’s lab at UT Health San Antonio.  When did you first become interested in science? I have always been interested in science and knew that I would...
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