Candidacy Ceremony and Convocation 2021 Combined Into One Event

The ceremony was trimmed for length and only two guests with UT Health San Antonio badges were allowed to accompany this year’s candidates.

Hema Manogna Gudlavalleti: Meeting Alzheimer’s Patients Helps Me Become a Better Researcher

Neuroscience researcher Hema Manogna Gudlavalleti is passionate about working on neurodegenerative research.

Meet Ashley Braddom: The 2021 GSBS Presidential Ambassador Scholar

Ashley Braddom is this year's GSBS Presidential Ambassador Scholar.

Final Words: Abdulhafiz Imam Aliagan, IBMS, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Medicine

Abdulhafiz Imam Aliagan will be joining Pfizer as a Senior Scientist in the Biomedicine Design team in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Final Words: Killian Fischer, CHP, Doctorate of Medical Physics Student | Radiation Therapy Track

Killian Fischer will be starting a position as the medical physicist at Mercy Health Lorain Cancer Center in Elyria, Ohio.

Raksha Parthasarathy: My first memory of science was the Science Express, a science museum on wheels

When Raksha Parthasarathy was in the 6th grade, her science teacher took her entire class to see the “Science Express,” a 16 coach train sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Launches A Science Coloring and Activity Book

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at UT Health San Antonio is proud to announce the creation of our new coloring book, the Pipette Kids Science Coloring and Activity Book. The book is available on for $12.99.


Dr. Angelica Riojas Selected As TL1 Scholar

Dr. Angelica Riojas, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Research Imaging Institute, has been selected as a Translational Science Training TL1 scholar for 21-22. Her mentor is Dr. Geoff Clarke. The Translational Science Training (TST) TL1 Program at UT Health San Antonio is...
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Connective Tissue Looking For Entries

Connective Tissue, UT Health San Antonio’s annual literary and arts journal, is now accepting submissions for the 2022 issue of the journal. Connective Tissue is a publication of the Center of Medical Humanities and Ethics (CMHE) and is open to submissions from all students,...
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Announcement: Mary Bradley Departure From UT Health San Antonio

Mary Bradley, the Director of Career and Professional Development in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Office of Career Development (OCD) left UT Health San Antonio effective November 5, 2021. Mary arrived here in June of 2019 to a relatively young career office, and...
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Campus Wide Committees – Call for Interest (Due by Nov 12)

Students, UT Health San Antonio has campus wide committees that serve as advisory boards to support campus wide departments and tackle campus wide concerns/issues. Committee membership often consists of administrators, faculty, and staff.  However, the student voice is also...
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Denisse Paredes Selected for the 2022 American College of Neuropsychopharmacology URM Near-Peer mentorship program

Denisse Paredes has been selected by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) as a Mentee participant in the 2022 ACNP URM Near-Peer mentorship program. She is a student in the Neuroscience discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program. Her mentor...
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Class of 2021 Incoming Student Spotlight: Samantha Roberts, M.S. in Immunology and Infection

1) Tell me about yourself. Hello, my name is Samantha Roberts. I am a recent graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Mathematics and Secondary Education. At SFASU. I developed my passion for science and education. I enjoyed...
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Meet The Researcher: Sarah DiDomenico Expects That More Therapeutics Will Use Synthetic Lethality

Sarah DiDomenico always gravitated toward science in school, but she credits her eighth-grade science teacher for really igniting her passion. “She often taught off-textbook, engaging us in many hands-on projects, and showed me the joy in learning and discovery,” she said. Sarah...
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In Press: Nicole Hensch’s Co-first author Cancer Research Paper fully published/available online

Nicole Hensch, a graduate student in the Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Medicine discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences PhD program, recently published a co-first author paper in Cancer Research entitled “SNAI2-Mediated Repression of BIM Protects...
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Dr. Michael Liss study shows MRI technique improves detection of aggressive prostate cancer

Dr. Michael Liss specializes in cancer of the genitourinary system including kidney cancer and prostate cancer. The study, “Restriction Spectrum Imaging-Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Improve Prostate Cancer Imaging in Men on Active Surveillance,” was published in July in The...
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Dr. David Gius receives UT System award to advance research on aging and breast cancer

David Gius, MD, PhD, has been awarded a $1.6 million UT System Faculty STARs award to support his research on aging and breast cancer. The award will be used to purchase equipment to conduct more in-depth experiments in his laboratory at the Sam and Ann Barshop Institute for...
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San-Antonio Express News features Dr. Seshadri’s work transforming Alzheimer’s care and seeking cures 

San-Antonio Express News features Dr. Seshadri’s work transforming Alzheimer’s care and seeking cures  Sudha Seshadri, MD, professor of neurology and the founding director of the Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases, has a superb reputation...
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Dr. David Morilak Receives 2021 Faculty Senate Administration Leadership Award

David A. Morilak, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Pharmacology and director of the Neuroscience discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program is the recipient of the Faculty Senate Administration Leadership Award. Dr. Morilak also serves as the director for...
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TS PhD graduate Lauren Cornell was selected by NASA to participate in a simulated Mars study

Translational Science Ph.D. graduate Lauren Cornell was selected by NASA to participate in a simulated Mars study. Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, four people will live and work for 45 days inside a unique, ground-based habitat at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Designed to serve...
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Dr. Maria Danet Lapiz-Bluhm Receives Education and Research Award From The San Antonio Psychiatric Nurses Association

Dr. Maria Danet Lapiz-Bluhm received the Education and Research Award from The San Antonio Psychiatric Nurses Association in July 2021. There was a virtual ceremony to recognize her achievements. Dr. Bluhm, graduated from our Master’s of Science in Clinical Investigation program...
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Morgan Bucknor: My New Life in Australia

Morgan Bucknor graduated in 2020 from the M.S. in Cell Systems and Anatomy with a focus in the Biotechnology track. She is currently a Ph.D. student in the Life and Environmental Sciences program at The University of Sydney, Australia. 1) When did you first become interested in...
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Alumna Sarah Khoury Creates A Website To Spark Scientific Communication

We are coming out of one pandemic, but the pandemic of distrust in the scientific community remains strong. With every update, the public loses more and more confidence in the ability of science to make life easier. Science is commonly misrepresented, with a significant portion...
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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Makes A Grand Return To Volunteering In The San Antonio Community

Have you ever craved for the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community, but were unable to do so? This is the rare situation that many people have faced over the past year and a half due to the pandemic. COVID-19 has greatly limited the options of participating in...
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Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos Conference, Feb 23-25

The Mays Cancer Center and Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez of UT Health San Antonio are excited to host the third bi-annual Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos conference, February 23-25, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas! Did you know Latinos are expected to face a 142% rise in cancer...
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Nahin’s student takeover of the GSBS Instagram

One of the most exciting things I’ve done so far at UT Health San Antonio was the takeover of the official GSBS Instagram page for a week. Instead of posting random photos and stories, I wanted to portray something unique, and that’s when the idea of “A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF A GRAD...
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Delaying Tuberculosis Control in Bangladesh

Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem in Bangladesh. Although a comprehensive expansion of TB control strategies is being implemented in Bangladesh and logistical challenges exist, there is significant uncertainty concerning the disease burden. As one of...
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