My Experience At The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2019

Kristin A. Altwegg, a CPRIT Predoctoral Fellow and third year IBMS Cancer Biology program doctoral candidate, received an American Association for Cancer Research Associate Member Award for her poster at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Launches A Science Coloring and Activity Book

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at UT Health San Antonio is proud to announce the creation of our new coloring book, the Pipette Kids Science Coloring and Activity Book. The book is available on for $12.99.

8 Questions with Biology of Aging Student Angela Olson

Angela Olson is passionate about science policy and Alzheimer's research.

Lily Espinoza: Science Moves Medicine Forward

In the clinic, you can diagnose a patient and treat them according to the most recent guidelines. As a scientist, you are charged with the duty to identify solutions to problems that are not completely understood, and in the process, you help expand our knowledge.

Inspiring Women in Science

Courtney Johnson was apprehensive to apply to graduate school because she didn’t have any role models who had science careers.

Liesl Lawrence: The Horizon Award, Teaching Science and Ewing Sarcoma Research

Currently, Liesl Lawrence is a student in the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program in the Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Medicine discipline. She is working in the lab of Dr. Alex Bishop on research related to Ewing sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that affects mostly children and teenagers.

Aleeza Stephens: I’ve Seen How Brain Damage Can Affect Personality

Stephens is currently in the lab of Dr. Alan Frazer where she is looking at depression and antidepressant research.

Meeting Patients To Transform Research

Researcher Hema Gudlavalleti speaks about her experience meeting Alzheimer's patients and the impact it has had on her research.

Winning Awards

Eileen M. Lafer, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology has been selected to receive the 2019 Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award from The University of Texas System.

STEM Outreach

During their visit to UT Health San Antonio, we led a few science experiments including “How to Build DNA with Candy,” “How to Build a Microscope with Your Cell Phone,” and “Extracting DNA from a Banana.”

GSBS Alumni

Dr. Andrew Benson is the Food for Health Presidential Chair and Director, Nebraska Food for Health Center in the Department of Food Science and Technology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Winning Awards

Congratulations to Jenny (Xiaoyu) Yang who has recently received the Horizon Award from Department of Defense.

Allie Sharp Receives the 2019-2020 Predoctoral Research Training Award

I am excited to be apart of this program because it’s bridging an important gap between neuroscience and cancer.

Starting On Your Own

Dr. Pramod Mishra speaks about his experience starting his own company, iGenomeDx, Inc.


Alum Dr. Dayna Averitt, talks about her position at Texas Woman’s University.

Educating Science Leaders

Manpreet Semwal hopes to use her Microbiology degree to train future scientists once she graduates.

Researching the Brain

Mustafa Mithaiwala researches cognitive impairments associated with depression and anxiety disorders.

Michael Guderyon: Being At The Forefront of Aging Research

From the flight line to the laboratory, this airman serves his country in fatigues and a lab coat.


Congrats to two MSTP students for receiving AAI travel awards

Congrats to two students in the dual degree (M.D./Ph.D.) South Texas Medical Scientist Training Program who received travel awards to present at the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) Annual Meeting in Honolulu, HI this May. MSTP student, Ryan Reyes (GS3, left), will...
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Innovation Impact Video: UT Health San Antonio and Research Partners Lead the Way

UT Health San Antonio is committed to training tomorrow’s talent, who are relentlessly pursuing discoveries that translate into life-changing, life-saving technologies. Critical to these breakthroughs are our 8 state of the art core lab facilities that create the pathway for...
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Samantha Yee Publishes First Author Paper in Nature Communications

Samantha Yee, a third year Ph.D. student in the Pharmacology and Physiology discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Program, has published a co-first author paper in Nature Communications. Yee is a student in Dr. April Risinger’s lab and is her first graduate student....
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In The News: UT Health San Antonio Professors Speak to Texas Public Radio About Alzheimer’s Disease And Latinos

Texas Public Radio posted the audio featuring UT Health San Antonio’s very own Dr. Sudha Seshadri and Dr. Bess Frost!
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Clare Murray: The South Texas Medical Scientist Training Program Let Me Choose Both Science and Medicine

Clare Murray grew up in Houston, Texas where her parents both worked in the oil/gas industry. “Nobody in my family was in medicine or science so I chose chemical engineering as my major in school. I really enjoyed my major, but I did a one day externship at Exxonmobil and that’s...
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Kevin Kanda: From Nursing Student To Graduate Student

Kevin Kanda made a promise to his family to try to fight cancer. “I’ve lost some family and friends to cancer….my uncle died from lymphoma and I’ve known people with pancreatic and breast cancer as well,” he said. Initially Kanda thought nursing would be a good option for him. He...
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Jasmine De Mange: A Look at Healthcare From All Angles

Jasmine De Mange has seen healthcare from all angles—first she started work in healthcare administration as a patient service specialist in a Cardiology department, next she started a nursing assistant program, and now she’s in a research-based master’s program. Up next,...
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Di Wang Uses Deep Learning To Diagnose Diseases

Di Wang first became interested in deep learning through a seminar at the Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research of NYU Langone Health. “The seminar is about deep learning application in medical imaging field. Everybody was talking about it so I wanted to take a...
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Breaking Down Bills with Alex McCoy: H.R.4372 – MSI STEM Achievement Act

Keeping up with congress can be a challenge, even when things seem to move at a snail’s pace. The slow pace, combined with all the small text filled with jargon, can really be a turn-off for a lot of people. As a result, most people can’t really be bothered to know, or care,...
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All of Us Research Journey traveling exhibit is making a stop at UT Health San Antonio

The All of Us Research Journey traveling exhibit is making a stop at UT Health San Antonio during its national tour. This mobile unit provides the community a hands-on experience and builds awareness and excitement about the All of Us Research Program, supported by the National...
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Graduate Student Association Teams Up With EnventureSA and taste of science San Antonio

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) held their monthly trivia night on January 30 at Oak Hills Tavern in partnership with Enventure SA and taste of science San Antonio. “taste of science San Antonio is a national non-profit whose purpose is bring science to the...
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Graduate Students Visit Ruby City

Ruby City opened in San Antonio, Texas on October 13th. Ruby City is a contemporary art center in San Antonio, TX, dedicated to providing a space for the city’s thriving creative community to experience works by both local and internationally-acclaimed artists. Ruby City presents...
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Faculty Spotlight: 16 Questions with Teppei Fujikawa, Ph.D.

1) Please tell me about yourself. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology here at UT Health San Antonio. I got my Ph.D. from Kyoto University in Japan, and did postdoctoral training at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I’ve been in...
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Faculty Spotlight: 16 Questions with Naomi Sayre, Ph.D.

1) Please tell me about yourself. I grew up in the mountain desert of New Mexico in the Four Corners Region, the eldest of 6 children.  I spent my spare time running around the hills, catching lizards, and climbing trees. I chose to leave my small town to head to upstate New York...
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Faculty Spotlight: 16 Questions with Brett C. Ginsburg, Ph.D.

1) Please tell me about yourself. I am an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UT Health San Antonio. I earned my Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  My undergraduate degree is in Chemistry from Southwestern University in...
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Dr. Martin Schwacha: A Musician and a Scientist

Classical music on the radio. The smell of turpentine and cigar smoke. These were some of Dr. Martin Schwacha’s memories of childhood. Dr. Schwacha grew up in a family that had a fondness for the arts. His father played the violin and was an accomplished artist who painted large...
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Alumna Dr. Neelam Mukherjee Selected for AAI Oral Presentation and Travel Award

Dr. Neelam Mukerjee was selected for an oral presentation and the AAI Trainee Abstract Award from the American Association of Immunologists. The Trainee Abstract Award is a tiered award that provides a higher reimbursement award amount for members with multiple consecutive years...
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Alumni Spotlight: Shelly Gunn, M.D., Ph.D., Genomic Pathologist at Targeted Genomics

When did you first become interested in science? I graduated from Trinity University with a music degree in 1980, attended Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, and was working as a piano teacher in 1988 when our infant son was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (RB). At the...
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Faculty & Alumni Spotlight: 18 Questions with Beatriz Hicks

1) Please tell me about yourself. I am an alumnus of UT Health San Antonio and graduated with my Certificate in Dental Hygiene in 1986. I then received a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Education at Incarnate Word College in San Antonio. I further pursued and received my...
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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. David Bearss, Chief Executive Officer, Tolero Pharmaceuticals and Chief Scientific Advisor, DSP Cancer Institute

When did you first become interested in science? I was raised in a home with a father that was a Ph.D. chemist and I’ve always had a curious side that I was encouraged to pursue from a young age. I love learning about things I don’t understand or want to understand better.  This...
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